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Are you a part of the success club? Our unique team based approach to Diabetes care means 95% of our patients have improved sugar levels. Read on to know more about how and why this works.

Expert Doctor Services

  • Monthly Doctor check-ins to monitor your sugars, in line with international protocols.

  • Scheduled consultation with Specialist, to monitor treatment.

  • Annual Eye checks.

  • Unlimited free consultations for any other ailments with our in-house doctors.

Coordinated Care Team Services

  • Quarterly home visits by our physiotherapists / dieticians to monitor your diet and exercise.

  • Periodic calibration of Hb1AC and sugars in line with NICE UK recommendations.

  • Comprehensive diagnostics to monitor all other key parameters.

  • Specialized tests for Diabetes, including biothesiometry and ankle brachial index.

  • Routine eye & foot care to pick up early signs of damage.

Other Member Benefits

  • Dependable 24x7 Emergency Response - one call to order a doctor home visit,ambulance and arrange hospitalization. Your first emergency is FREE!

  • Special member discounts on all other services.

  • Electronic Medical Records – all your medical information in one place, online.

  • Appointment and medication reminders.

So what’s included in your member program?

Expert Doctor Services

Physician’s 30 minute Full Medical Review (Once)

Diabetes Consult with Expert Physician (12 times/year)

Unlimited Consultations with Expert Physician (Yes)

Consultation with Specialist (2 times/year)

Home visit by Dietician / Physiotherapist (6 times/year)

Annual Eye Check and Fundoscopy (Once)

24x7 Emergency Response

Diagnostics and other Services

Fasting and Post Prandial Sugars (6 times/year)

Glycosylated Haemoglobin(Hb1AC) (3 times/year)

Comprehensive Lipid Profile (2 times/year)

Comprehensive Renal Profile (Once)

Comprehensive Liver Profile (Once)

Complete Blood Count and ESR (Once)

Urine Routine and Urine Microalbumin (Once)

ECG (2 times/year)

Ankle Brachial Index (2 times/year)

Biothesiometry (2 times/year)

USG Abdomen (Once)

Random Blood Sugar (Glucometer) (12 times/year)

Foot Care (12 times/year)

Member Benefits

Electronic Medical Records and Reports (Yes)

Discounts on Pathology, Pharmacy and Vaccines (10%)

Discounts on Radiology and Other Services (5%)

Terms and conditions apply. The first emergency doctor visit is FREE for all members.Thereafter, a Rs. 3,000 charge will apply. A further Rs. 3,000 is chargeable on hospitalization. Ambulance services are always chargeable at actuals, even on the first emergency.

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